Pure Veg Frozen Foods made with Love.
“And Love is always without preservatives.”
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Let the carefully blended Spices play a
Circus of Flavours on your Palate.
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Steam it, Fry it, Saute it, Roast it,
Sprinkle it….. “but do it style.”
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We have 25+ Years of Experience In Hospitality

Every Spice Circus product is manufactured at state-of-the-art facility, freshest ingredients and a world-class freezing technology that is HACCP Certified and ISO 22000 & ISO 9001 compliant. With no added colours or preservatives, our products guarantee exceptional taste, quality, variety and above all safety.

Our Products


Grillicious is a state of mind, a culture and a way of being. Our mission is to serve delicious food in a fun and creative environment. We like to innovate and flounder the boundaries of flavors to bring unique grill based creations to satiate the new Indian Palate. Through our Grillicious branded Casual Dining Restaurants we put our best foot forward in presenting our hand crafted creations for the discerning Indian connoisseurs.

Jiffy - by grillious

We started with the aim to provide freshest gourmet Burgers & Grilled Sandwiches & Finger Food to the people always on the move, in a Jiffy. A Quick Service Restaurant Format with complete emphasis on the simplicity of recipes and transparency in operations brings genuine smiles to customers as well as the Stakeholders


Is A Humble Ode To The Legendary Culture Of Every Indian Household And Street Alike. Our Mission Is To Serve Delicious Samosas, Momos & Chai In A Fun And Creative Environment. We Like To Innovate And Flounder The Boundaries Of Flavors To Bring Unique VEGETARIAN Based Creations To Satiate The New Indian Palate.

A brand dedicated to bringing Pure, Natural, Freshest and versatile Spice Blends & Frozen Ready to Cook/Eat products to every home. Its signature range of TasteMakers, Barbecue Spice Mixes and Frozen Range present a bouquet of products which is a must for every home & Restaurant alike.

Our Products

Masala Omelette - Tastemaker

Paneer Makhani - Tastemaker

Meat Masala - Tastemaker

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